Aircraft Deicer

Excellence in every Tempest is grounded in the benefits of its basic intelligent design

The Tempest aircraft deicer is designed to provide the flexibility required to meet a wide range of demanding customer specifications for the mobile deicing and anti-icing of all types of aircraft. The Tempest has a low profile, purpose built chassis that provides the operator with excellent stability, maneuverability and visibility. The use of a hydrostatic drive system ensures safe, smooth and reliable ramp operations under even the harshest conditions.

With advanced features to overcome the effects of winters, our broad range of choices and options from open basket to enclosed, from pre-mix to proportional, satisfy even the most difficult operational requirements.

Patented AirFirst® supplemental forced air deicing system has proven to save operators money by limiting environmentally sensitive glycol-based deicing fluids.
The Tempest provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership with a single engine configuration with hydrostatic drive for ultimate simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness; a custom-designed, low profile chassis for greater visibility and maneuverability; a swing out power module for easier and lower cost maintenance; and heavy-duty steel construction for durability and extended operating life.

Aircraft Deicers